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Jake's Big Mistake!

Jake Owen learned his lesson -- don't get smart with the police. On Friday, he was pulled over for speeding.

Maxim Mistake!

The Skin to win Men’s Magazine Maxim has come out with a curious list of the Hottest Women in Country Music. 

Craig's Real Bonfire!

With the tabloids filled with worthless celebrity stories, rumors and mugshots, here is a refreshing tale of a selfless hero!

What F.T.D. Stands For!

What F.T.D.

The Gift of Rejection!

Valentines Day is here.  Despite the romancing, it’s also a big day for break ups.

When It's 93.5 Degrees!

Plan ahead and get the goods.  I always explain to folks that you can enhance your CMA Music Festival experience by simply signing up for your favorite artist or group’s fan club.  As all the common folks suffer through the CMA summer show in 93 degree heat, you could find yourself in a meet & greet line in the air conditioning. 


The Month of Love means my annual Valentine Cards will be mailed out to the most loyal of WOLF listeners.  Now if you were extra special to me and didn't stray away from the more music morning show, just like in years past you will get the best-est card.  The only card that could illustrate just how strong my love is for you and your devoted listenership.  This year's special Tommy Mason V-day card features the stylish bowl cut of Justin BIEBER.  Imagine the hours you will spend gazing into his dreamy e


Christina Aguilera Butchers the SB Anthem!  The singer’s mistake happened on the fourth line, which should have been: “O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?”  Instead, Christina sang: “What so proudly we (garbled) at the twilight’s last gleaming.”  Perhaps from now on the NFL can choose a country singer to perf

Where in the World is Tommy?

I am on vacation during the winter months for the first time in my life.  Leaving behind cold temps and English speakers.  Press 2 for Spanish.  I will return from my Mexican vacation on Thursday January 27th. Also with the current diplomatic conditions and travel advisories issued by our State Department for the neighbor to the south, I want to clear up one thing.  I would have a better chance of hitting the lottery AND getting struck by lightening, than I would of getting caught in the cross hairs of any danger while on vacation. 

John Joins the Rich!

Celebrity apprentice always has a country singer contestant, and at least one sober Baldwin brother!

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