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Free Pizza

Listen to the Fresh Five At 5 all this week for your chance to win the Hot N Ready Family Choice Meal From Little Caesars.

Un-scientific Survey!

With the 3 big country music weddings this year, Carrie, Miranda and Kellie.  I wondered which one folks most looked forward to seeing.  By far the choice for most this morning was Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's.  My hunch is it would be the most casual of the three.  Lots of booze and lots of fun.  Carrie was a distant second.  Not to many people have even noticed Kellie's engagement. 

Tommy's Internet Find!

Ever wonder what your phone number spells out.  The Wolf on Demand as you know spells out 425-WOLF.  It also spells out the phrase ICKY-OLD.  Not sure what that means, but it's fun to say.  Find out what your phone number spells with this fabulous waste of time website.

A Tip From Tommy!

For all those that share a PC at work and have a Facebook account, be aware of your dishonest co-workers looking to sabotage your account.  I have been a victim of this numerous times the last couple of months.  This has caused me great personal pain, as I've been accused of wearing pink colored jock straps and fuzzy girly head phones.  These rumors are untrue and hurtful.  Take this tip from Tommy, and always log out.  Happy Facebooking!

Blistered Toe Thumbs!

Plenty of ways this week for the Wolf Pack to blister my Toe-like Thumbs with giveaways all week.  Win WWE Smackdown Tix with Way Too Early Trivia.  Also Qualify each morning this week for the Summer Mega Ticket Giveaway.  BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!  Country Throwdown to see MG & JJ in Indy this weekend.  Finally the summer of the Wolf continues with Holiday World Tickets.....whew. 

Betty White for President


The Vols Need Volunteers!

If you have the time to spare and the energy to help out those in Tennessee with the flood clean up a website for volunteers has launched   The site is creating a database of volunteers and will send out alerts of where the help will be needed once it's safe enough to begin the clean up.  Thanks in advance. 

Great Internet Find!

Move over Paula Dean.  These online offerings will leave you licking the screen.  Finally, the social-networking fun of MySpace and the joy of cooking have gotten together to form

Big O Yard Sale!

My good buddy and Warick County Fairgrounds Chair Jim Wire told me they are holding a HUGE Community Yard Sale this Saturday at the Warrick County 4-H Fairgrounds in Boonville.  $20 will get you some space inside.  That's right..Inside!  So the collection of Richard Simmons "Sweating to the Oldies" VHS tapes that you're trying to sell won't get wet.  Enjoy the bargins.

Know the Horsies!

In looking ahead to this years Kentucky Derby May 1st I have already picked my two horsies to win with.  My solid money maker is Looking At Lucky.  However if I was a betting man (which I am) I'd go with the Charles Shultz inspired Uptowncharlybrown!  Your welcome!

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