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Great weather for a great event this weekend.  935 The Wolf and myself will be out bumping paws with you at Mesker Park Zoo from Noon until 2pm Sunday for the First Annual Earth Day event.  Check out the main page for details and discounts.  The event is going on from 11a - 4p and in addition to the animals you can be the first to pet my Alan Jackson tribute mustache.  It won' bite.

Awesome AJ Tribute Stache!

I’m currently growing out the follicles’ above my lip to produce an Alan Jackson Tribute Blonde Mustache.  Lori Mae will be tracking my mustache progress via pictures for the next 30 days on Facebook.  The best case scenario is that Alan acknowledges my awesome blonde mustache at the show April 30th.  Worst case scenario, Alan sees how horrible my mus

The Skinny on AJ!

As announced just after 7am with the Wolf Wake Up Crew, Alan Jackson's Frieght Train Tour rolls into Roberts Friday April 30th.  Tickets go on sale Saturday at 10am thru Ticketmaster.   Josh Turner is said to be the opening act for AJ's tour.  Alan is also releasing his 18th studio album before the show arrives March 30th.   

Martina Tickets

Listen To Tommy And Rusty This Week To Win Your Martina/Trace Tickets.

#1 Song on Your Birthday!


Forgetting Friendships!

Fun Fact from Tommy:  While we may be able to count 5,000 friends on Facebook, scientists have shown that humans' brains are capable of managing a maximum of just 150 friendships.  No matter how sociable you think you are, the neocortex, limits us to managing 150 friends.  So that's why you forgot who that was, and where you didn't know them from.  You're not

Toby's Eye Boogers!

Toby is seen on Youtube rapping.  Shocking right?  That's not the shocking part.  Toby is also see making what is considered an innocent, yet racist gesture towards the Asians, during an on stage appearance with Will Smith in Norway.  Best excuse I can offer is that Toby had a long flight, and the heavy sleep he had cause Eye Burgers to form.  This may be his best route out of the controversy.  Loyal listener Pam labled it Duck Butter.  Even more gross.

Lori Mae's Headphones

I just check out Lori Mae's Youtube page of videos.  Cool page too.  Although if Lori is on your Christmas Gift list this year, you may want to get her a new pair of headphones.  I think the pair she has are too big.  As she is seen holding on to them the entire time.   She looks like a club DJ.  Good girl tho.  Glad she's here.


Rascal Flatts, like Taylor Swift earlier this year, will be featured in a episode of CSI early 2010.  The storyline will surround the trio, as one of the members will be the victim of a murder.  The other two will be key suspects to the crime.  This has made me wonder which member of Rascal Flatts is disposable?  

My gut says that Joe Don Rooney would be the easiest to replace. That's IF one had to be eliminated.

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