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As a former Warrick County 4-H'er, the county fair has always been a big deal to me. This year will be the first year this fair has ever had a concert. Marshall Entertainment welcomes The Bobby Clark Band, Andrea Wirth, and many other local singers & bands to the Warrick County Fairgrounds, July 19th starting at 7pm.


We told you a few weeks ago about the Lady Antebellum prom contest in which one high school would be chosen, via video entries, to have Lady Antebellum perform at their prom. Although the winner won't be announced until the 20th, the finalists & their submissions were released and Henryville, Indiana is one of the finalists, with a tear-jerking reminder of the devastation they lived and continue to endure after a tornado nearly wiped them off the map. While they're video is heartbreaking to watch, a cool story does come of it.


It's no secret I'm a diehard Miranda fan, but her new single, "Over You," is such an amazing single with a bittersweet backstory, I had to share this as her music video for it debuted last week. She & husband, Blake Shelton, wrote this emotional tune in memorandum to Blake's brother, who died when he was young in a car accident around Christmas time. While the song is already a tough one for her to get through, she released the single & filmed the music video during one of the most difficult months of her life.


Due to a family emergency involding Shawna's father, Thompson Square has cancelled their appearance at 3 of the Own The Night tour stops, including Evansville tomorrow night. David Nail will replace the duo. Full story here:  http://www.theboot.com/2012/02/24/thompson-square-family-emergency-shows-canceled/

Top 15 of 2011

2011 was full of new music, new artists and amazing music videos. Obviously, I'm a sucker for a sappy one, but there were a slew of other amazing, some controversial, music videos. Here's my pick of the 15 best:

*I do not own, in any way, the rights to these videos. All videos were obtained from licensed YouTube users.*

Good To Be Home!

Long time...no talk! It's been a crazy year, but I'm incredibly happy to be home in Evansville and back with my Wolf family! A huge thank you to everyone for the warm wishes and welcome(s) home! Can't wait to see ya all out and about. Hope ya had a wonderful Christmas and here's to the new year!

Bittersweet Goodbye

As Rusty mentioned in his blog yesterday, I will be moving to Fort Wayne to pursue a new opportunity in radio.  While I hate to leave my hometown and will miss all of the wonderful folks I've met along the way, I am very excited to take on this challenge and hope you will join me during this time of celebration.  I would also like to think everyone at South Central Communications for their friendship and the knowledge they've shared with me during my time here.  I couldn't possibly portray the level of professionalism and care you have treated

Tommy Tall Tale!

For those of you wondering why Tommy, Rusty and I may have mentioned fuzzy, pink things (primarily headphones) recently...it is due to my recent purchase of new, pink & incredibly fuzzy headphones! Tommy and I also have a running battle on Facebook in which we abuse each other's status's when the other forgets to logout in the studio.  The content of the status's have ranged from monkey-butt powder to leopard print under garments and recently, I may have upped Tommy a little more than he wanted.

Support Mutt Nation With Miranda Lambert Jewelry!

Miranda Lambert is dedicated to finding loving homes for abandoned and/or abused animals.  Her charity foundation, Mutt Nation,  has created a beautiful pendant with the Pennyroyal Silver company that can be purchased to fund and benefit this organization.  Check out the details and the pendant here:http://www.pennyroyalsilver.com/

USI Springfest Finally Here!!!!!

As a native of the area and former USI Student, I've always been a supporter of USI's Springfest and can't wait for this year's activities! Among the Luke Bryan concert tonight, there are a slew of other events and activities for anyone and everyone to get involved in or enjoy!  Check out all the fun stuff as well as show and ticket information for Luke Bryan on the Springfest homepage:http://www.usi.edu/springfest

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