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Miranda Lambert "The House That Built Me" Music Video

It's no secret that I'm a diehard Miranda Lambert fan :) It's amazing to me how much talent and musical growth can be seen from her first to third albums. At the same time, she manages to keep a genuine originality to her work and a respect from her fans for not straying from who she is as a person and as a performer. Her latest album, Revolution, is by far one of my favorite CD's of all time.

Taylor Swift ACM Nominations Video

Taylor Swift is nominated for 4 Academy of Country Music Awards this year, all in categories she's never won an ACM for, including Entertainer of the Year.  Hear and see Taylor's plead for your vote in this cute little Taylor-esque video!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfAMrTrWHLc

Luke Bryan AOL Sessions with Lady Antebellum

Luke Bryan and "Do I" co-writers, Lady Antebellum, recently sat down for a special recording during AOL Sessions.  It's always cool to see special appearances such as this one in which the artists pour out all their emotion to the song.  Not to mention, the raw talent displayed here gave me cold chills.  Check out the AOL Session of "Do I" here:

http://video.aol.com/aolvideo/AOL Music/do-i-sessions/72100319001

Hello Hotness!

Hey Hey everyone!  So I've gotta ask...do ya all have this problem at work?  I came in to the studio today and the sniffling, snuffy-nosed Tommy has the heat up so high I think I've hit menopause!!! Ok, not really but goodness gracious! I guess I deserve it since he's convinced my sniffling and adorable man voice is the reasoning behind his cold :) Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and not so hot-and-bothered St. Patty's Day!*Lori Mae*

Howlin Hoarseness

Hey Ya All!  Just wanted to send some love to everyone and thank you guys and gals for listening!  Also, I've had a lot of people asking why my voice sounds like an angry trucker's (no offense to the truckers of the world...I envy you all at times).  I lost my voice about a month ago attempting to sing at a karaoke bday party.  I also work a lot of nights at a local restaurant/bar and it catches up with ya eventually!  I'm doing my best to get the pipes back to normal but until then...enjoy the Lori Mae "Joyride" voice :) 

Howdy Do Ya All!

Hey Everyone!  Long time no talk :)  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!  The boys are on vaca this week and crazy ole Rusty has left the station in the hands of Kim and I :)  This could be scary!  I'll be on-air M-W from noon to 6pm and Thurs and Fri from 3-6pm.  I look forward to hearing from ya all so give me a ring at 1-888-935-WOLF!

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