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Brenda Orsburn Wins Live Like A Country Star

Brenda Orsburn is our big winner of tickets for her and 7 of her friends for a party in the Wolf's Den at the Rascal Flatts show Thursday night from 93.5 The Wolf!!!

"LOST" is Back Tuesday!!!

LOST is back Tuesday. I can't wait. I watched the final episode from last season again last night and I was amazed at how much I have already forgotten.

Super Bowl Time

Yet another Super Bowl and my Cowboys are no where to be found...LOL. I can't decide who to cheer for. On one hand, the Colts are our team here in Evansville. On the other hand, Saints first time around at the Bowl....would be cool to see them win. Should be a great game.

Wolf Listener Advisory Board

A big thanks to all of our Listener Advisory Board members. With your help, we try to make the Wolf the best radio station possible for you. If you're not a member, sign up today.....we want your input and opinions on music and programming on the Wolf.

Fast Food Service

What happened to fast food service? I will certainly avoid naming any names...but why can't you get decent service at fast food restaurants anymore. Don't get me wrong..every once in a while you get decent food and service....but for some reason, I seem to be unlucky. I realize that no one is perfect and I am usually not one to complain about things like that....but it seems like it keeps going down hill everywhere in general.

Time For Daddy To Make The Funny!!!

This is the funniest commercial i have seen in a long time. I am pretty surprised that Wal-Mart came up with it...but it rocks. Check it out on my blog page. Rusty James

Taylor Must Have Items

Here are the things Taylor Swift can't leave home without......Headbands, Sparkles, Super High Heels and strawberry lotion. What can't you leave home without........hmmmm for me.

I must have my iPhone car glasses.....(Taylor's not that old yet to need these probably)......1 mountain dew that last me the entire day.

What can't you leave home without?
rusty james

Keith Urban Video

Check Out The Keith Urban Video For 'Til Summer Comes Around On My Blog Page. Rusty James

New Wolf Music And Rascal Flatts Backstage

Listen For New Wolf Tracks From Eric Church and Taylor Swift on The Wolf this week. Plus, when you hear a double shot from Rascal Flatts, be caller 9 at 425-WOLF to get qualified for Front Row Seats and Backstage Passes.

Last Season For Hannah Montana

Only one more season of Hannah Montana. What am I going to do with my time now? LOL. Kenny Chesney has a new estate in Franklin, Tenn. called Bella Luce.

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