Tornado Tweets & Toby on TV!

More than 230 tornados touched down in parts of the southeast over the weekend.  Sugarland and Little Big Town had to take shelter at a show in Alabama late last week because of tornado warnings.  That didn't stop Jennifer Nettles from Tweeting.  Jennifer (while in the fetal position) wrote, "Currently in the hallway of the shelter, hoarding chocolate chip cookies and reading Wine Spectator to distract us.... How long can one cookie keep 150 people alive?"  End Tweet!  All is well with the Incredible Machine!  A  Don't forget to tune into Tuesday Night's episode of Dancing With The Stars, as the celebs two-step to the musical stylings of country star Toby Keith.  There has been no official confirmation on the exact tune Toby will play, but he is out promoting his new single Somewhere Else from the album Bullets in the Gun! I'm still wondering why there is no spin off to this program called "Line Dancing With The Stars."  Genius!