What F.T.D. Stands For!

What F.T.D. Stands For!  FAILED TO DELIVER!  I ordered my Valentine flowers on Saturday morning, well enough time for the company to inform me of any delay of timely delivery.  This person lives 3 hours from me and I would not be with her on this special day.  All I wanted was that phone call and thank you for the gift, but I was denied that opportunity thanks to Floral Company FTD.  Speaking in a calm tone for over an hour with a woman in India (a country with a long list of women’s rights violations) it’s hard to explain how important Valentines Day is to a woman in this great country.  Long story short the delivery will be made NOT on V-day but February 15th and I still look and feel like a jerk.  AGAIN LESSON LEARNED….   BUY LOCAL.   Furthermore the discount they offered me was only 20% off the cost of the purchase and delivery charge.  After doing the math I noticed that it didn't even cover the delivery charge.  That means someone was still paid $7.99 NOT to deliver on time.  AGAIN.  Buy Local!